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All of these things are true.



Charts from OKCupid, showing how straight women and men rate each other based on ages. For women, the men they find most attractive are roughly their own age. For men, the women they find most attractive are roughly the same age—20 to 23—regardless of the age of the man. (538)

Good fucking Christ

Showgirls play chess between shows, New York1958.

κάλλιστον μὲν ἐγὼ λείπω φάος ἠελίοιο,
δεύτερον ἄστρα φαεινὰ σεληναίης τε πρόσωπον
ἠδὲ καὶ ὡραίους σικύους καὶ μῆλα καὶ ὄγχνας

Finest of all the things I have left is the light of the sun,
Next to that the brilliant stars and the face of the moon,
Cucumbers in their season, too, and apples and pears.
by Praxilla (5th century BC) as (translation Bernard Knox). (via cerasiferae)

Wee Frida Kahlo


Wee Frida Kahlo




a person strongly attracted to knowledge about the stars; a person attracted to stars and other celestial objects.

Etymology: Greek astro, “star” + -phile, from philos, “loving”.

[Duy Huynh]

I luxuriate more in a whole day alone; a day of easy natural poses; slipping tranquilly off into the deep water of my own thoughts, navigating the underworld.
Virginia Woolf, Diary Entry, 18 June 1926. (via mirroir)


Emma Watson’s tweet about leaked pictures x


Please forgive the recent lack of updates. Moved out of Dallas, saw family again, sleeping in a familar yet still-foreign room. Relocating life to Colorado after a month or so of repose in northern Illinois.

13 hours of driving; freedom.